Mr. Harris

Mr. Harris

“Together, we’ll climb to the top!”

About Me

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Vision Statement

Changing Teaching for Changing Minds


´╗┐Mission Statement

The mission of the Mr. Harris’ Class, in partnership with Plainfield Public Schools and its community, is for students to achieve, continuously progressing: socially, academically, and emotionally. I will provide education that challenges students at his or her individual levels, while maintaining their confidence at each stage. Furthermore, I will contribute fair and appropriate lessons that are suitable for each student’s learning needs, using discretion to engage each child’s unique qualities, which nurtures and encourages his or her growth and transition through life.

I will commit to maintain the desire of continuous growth academically, professionally, and socially; always keeping up with best practices and seeking professional development, to ensure students are receiving the most current educational ideas and technologies. I will use my life experiences to relate to my students socially and connect with them intellectually, to allow learning through relevant, real world concepts, which appeal to the students’ curiosities. I will move beyond the classroom and contribute to the community of my students by building mutual trust, support, appreciation, and open communication with: the neighborhood, parents, and most importantly, students, outside the classroom. 

Goals for our Classroom 

  • ´╗┐Help students reach their full potential in meaningful, through teaching with real worlds concepts
  • Help students increase their organizational and time productivity skills
  • Increase student interest, motivation and self esteem
  • Help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Provide extensions on learning and cross content core curriculum
  • Help develop interpersonal and team building skills
  • Provide complex and invigorating charges for gifted students, and challenging, but nurturing experiences for exceptional learners 
  • HAVE FUN AS WE LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!